Bath Bombs

Image of Bath Bombs Image of Bath Bombs

Lavender (essential oil)
Lavender has many benefits including its ability to disinfect the skin, promote healthy blood circulation and relieve tension it’s also calming and relaxing

Peppermint (essential oil)
boosts circulation, releases the feeling of tiredness, and soothes itchy skin.

Tea Tree (essential oil)
It cleanses, purifies,and rejuvenates the skin, to promote healing and relaxation, to enhance and support immune function, and to eliminate bacteria, both on surfaces and in the air.

Lemon (essential oil)
will help tone your skin while combating acne and greasy skin.

Sweet Orange (essential oil)
The detoxifying properties of sweet orange oil can help to improve circulation and remove toxins from the skin.

Spa Day
This bath bomb is gorgeous it is like walking into an amazing Spa, with notes of Lavender, Bergamot, Patchouli and Cedar it is so relaxing.

Chase the Rainbow
Just like the sweets (skittles)

Tooth Fruity
Just like the sweet