Citronella Collection

Image of Citronella Collection Image of Citronella Collection

Citronella Rose
A fresh floral fragrance where sparkling citrus top notes of mandarin rest alongside nuances of fresh green tea. The soft flora heart is dominated by blush rose, enwrapped in a trail of precious woods, amber and musk.

Citronella Geranium
This fragrance captures the aroma of natural citronella with its characteristic lemon-rose accents, complements with fresh geranium blooms.

Citronella Eucalyptus
A fresh clean fragrance where sparkling citrus fruits rest alongside fresh citronella, eucalyptus and pine. On dry down, soft woody base notes bring the fragrance to a close.

Citronella Ginger
A dry and sweet yet spicy scent where ginger, warm honey and bamboo notes intertwine with soft orange and lemon. All this rests on a fresh citronella heart with fruits and spices enwrapped in a base of cedar, vanilla and amber.

Citronella Berry Cocktail
A fruity fragrance opening with tangy lemon and crisp apple. The heart unfolds with crushed raspberry and citronella harmonised by hints of rose and soft musky base notes.

Citronella Citrus Cocktail
A fruity citrus fragrance where notes of orange, lemon and mandarin are stirred with a stick of rhubarb and garnished with a ripe pineapple. The backdrop combines citronella with sweet candy floss at the base.