Hair Conditioner

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Lemon cookie bar
The scent is perfectly balanced that it is neither too sour from the lemon, or too sweet from the bakery element.  Lemon Cookie Bar is a fragrance where you go back for a ‘double take’ of the scent as it moves through the fragrance pyramid.

Sweet dreams “Sleepy” type fragrance. It is absolutely amazing! Whilst the scent is soft florals and Lavender it does not trigger the immediate shudder response that many Lavender type scents do. It is blended beautifully with a vanilla base to create a heavly “sleepy scent”

Fruit fizz
A fun fruity fragrance which does capture both the sherbety and fruity notes of the sweet but with a much more refreshing aroma.

White chocolate raspberry
A sweet aroma which is perfect for any time . A unisex scent for all ages! White Chocolate and Raspberry does have a slight sharp cranberry scent to it too- just to help stop it being an overly sweet and sickly scent.