Snap Bar Clams

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Sultan’s Elixir
Begin with a vibrant blend of lemon, cardamom, saffron, coriander and lavender, conjuring the richness of a sultan's feast. The heart unfolds with delicate jasmine and lily, weaving a tapestry of royal gardens. The base is a treasure trove of oud, patchouli, amber, cashmere musks and tonka, complemented by vetiver, cedarwood, guaiacwood, leather and vanilla, encapsulating the opulent essence of Dubai. Perfect for an indulgent, luxurious aura.

Dubai Dunes.
Embark on an aromatic adventure with top notes of cardamom, fig and black tea, evoking the exotic spice of the desert. The heart features a blend of iris and vetiver, offering an earthy elegance. The journey concludes with a base of sandalwood and tonka, creating a warm, comforting embrace that captures the essence of Dubai's desert dunes. Ideal for a serene, luxurious experience.

Oud Mirage.
Starts with a vibrant blend of cardamom, pink pepper, nutmeg and juniper, igniting the senses. The heart is a fusion of rock rose, lily and spicy notes, evoking the mystique of the Middle East. The base combines cedarwood, fig, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, frankincense and myrrh, creating a rich, deep aroma that captures the essence of Dubai's luxurious allure. Perfect for a captivating and exotic experience.

Arabian Sunset Open with the rich, exotic spice of cardamom, setting a luxurious tone. The heart unfolds with the elegant blend of neroli and violet, capturing the enchanting colours of an Arabian sunset. A base of amber, cedar, sandalwood and patchouli completes the scent, embodying the warmth and opulence of Dubai evenings. Ideal for a lavish, mesmerising experience.

On the Palm
Experience luxury with top notes of sweet oud, enveloping you in its rare but enchanting aroma. Middle notes of patchouli add earthy sophistication, while a warm sensuous base of sandalwood, amber and leather completes this opulent Dubai inspired scent. Perfect for those who appreciate refined elegance.
Citronella Citrus Cocktail
A fruity citrus fragrance where notes of orange, lemon and mandarin are stirred with a stick of rhubarb and garnished with a ripe pineapple. The backdrop combines citronella with sweet candy floss at the base.

Citronella Berry Cocktail.
A fruity fragrance opening with tangy lemon and crisp apple. The heart unfolds with crushed raspberry and citronella harmonised by hints of rose and soft musky base notes.

Butt lift Pineapple
Grab your bikini and jet off to the beach, as top notes of pineapple, lemon, almond, coconut and peach lead into a floral bouquet of jasmine, freesia, heliotrope, rose, lily and orchid. All resting on a sweet base of vanilla, sugar, musk, tonka, moss, cedar and sandalwood.

Butt Lift Coffee
Bikini on and coffee in hand, it’s time to hit the beach for a long day of catching some rays! This creamy, floral accord opens with milky top notes of almond, coconut and peach. A floral heart of jasmine, freesia, rose, lily and orchid rests on a sweet base of smooth coffee, sweet vanilla, musk and tonka beans.

Tropical Tears
Set off on a rainforest romp swirling with sweet notes of melon, orange zest, coconut milk and sultry night blooming jasmine.

Frosted Strawberry Fairy (snowy clouds)
sweet fruity accord opening with sticky sweet sugar notes of strawberry, followed by bubblegum, banana and pear drops, all resting on a sweet vanilla and musk base.

Watermelon Bubblegum
A fresh juicy watermelon bubblegum accord with fresh watery green notes of cucumber, kiwi and lime blended with sugary sweet base notes.